What to eat in Ecuador

Ecuador is a country for meat lovers. And also for chocolate lovers. But let’s start with the meat. There is meat everywhere, sometimes also fish, but mostly meat. For vegetarians it can get a little bit boring. But they do survive. I know this firsthand.

The meat is tasty and most of what I ate was good. There was not a lot though that was really delicious except for a meal on San Cristobal. This place deserved an extra post. It was really that good.

Hot chocolate is the drink of choice in Ecuador and no wonder since it grows here. Astonishingly enough the chocolate itself is very expensive when you buy it. I am not really sure why though. Is it the higher quality? Or maybe they just want to fleece the tourist? It does taste great though and the hot chocolates I had on this trip were amazing.

Most interesting food item was the general sauce or “aji”. Loved the spicy, fruity flavor which went great with all dishes. The guinea pig was also interesting but nothing I would order again. Overall though you don’t travel to Ecuador for the food. That’s for sure. Yours, Pollybert

Ecuadorian fast food: chicken, rice, lentils @Quito

hot chocolate and cheese cake @Quito

the cake was awful @Quito

The biscuits and the string were part of breakfast in the biscuit town on the way up to the Otavalo market. Definitely worth a stop.

cheese and biscuits @Ecuador

‘general’ spicy sauce and popcorn snack @Ecuador

Interestingly enough besides lots of meat Ecuadorians also eat trout. Make that Canadian trout. Which found a new home here in the 1960’s.

fried trout with mashed potatoes @Ecuador

plantain soup with corn @Ecuador

beef with chimichurri sauce @Ecuador

excellent hot chocolate @Ecuador

Locro de papa soup with the typical avocado inside @Ecuador

Granadilla is like a passion fruit only bigger @Ecuador

guinea pigs from the grill @Banos

And here the proof that I later tried it in a restaurant.

eating guinea pig @Ecuador

Ecuadorians love pork @Banos

Best and most interesting breakfast of the whole trip!

typical breakfast consisting of fried plantain dumplings with eggs, fresh cheese on top and aji @Ecuador

beef stew with avocado and plantain @Ecuador

bananas in all colors @Ecuador

sopa locro with avocado and cheese @Ecuador

pork chop from a road side grill @Ecuador

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