Snorkeling between lava tunnels

You can’t leave Isabela Island without a snorkeling trip to the lava tunnels. Los Tuneles were formed when the lava reached the sea and they have become a marine paradise. Since we did this tour in only a half day trip I spent the morning in the hammock reading my book.

enjoying the morning in the hammock @Isabela Island

When we finally stepped on the boat I was more than happy to feel the wind and enjoy the waves (check out our happy faces here). This was filmed already after out first stop where I saw schools of white-tipped riff sharks lurking in some lava cave, sea turtles, and one lonely sea-horse. I am so glad we had a guide with us because sea horses like to hide in muddy reed water. Without him pointing it out I would have missed it completely.

looking happy after a saw the seas horse @Isabela Island

At the second snorkeling stop I saw a huge lobster, sea turtles and an underwater lava tunnel landscape. Unfortunately while diving through one of the tunnels I scratched my leg. Very happy though that we had already left the sharks behind because once I stepped on board that scratch was bleeding like h*ll.

snorkeling between the lava tunnels @Isabela Island

quiet sea inside and big waves on the other side @Isabela Island

The last part of the tour was walking on said lava tunnels. The landscape looks stark and forbidding. So dry that you don’t think anything can live there But the blue boobies live and nest there. And they blend in so perfectly that only again thanks to the guide I saw some of them.

the lava tunnels to walk on @Isabela Island

a blue footed booby @Isabela Island

and another booby which blends right in @Isabela Island

leaving the lava tunnels @Isabela Island

On the way back to Puerto Villamil we passed a rock standing alone in the pacific (check the video here). Birds were sitting on top and probably checking for food while the waves crashed against it. What an absolutely stunning day. I remember it vividly since I still put daily lotion on my new scar. Yours, Pollybert

a rock and the sea @Isabela Island

birds watching the waves @Isabela Island

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