Breakfast at Halle Café Restaurant

A Sunday morning in late spring just begs to be started with a breakfast. Meeting friends with kids always needs careful planning because the kids need space to roam free so that the adults have time to gossip. An excellent place to do so is Halle Café Restaurant.

The Halle lies within the MQ complex and has two different kind of outdoor seating. Upstairs the terrace with a slightly larger menu and downstairs the garden. I usually prefer the garden because the seating is so much better. And the shorter menu makes no difference there is enough choice available. The kitchen downstairs is just not equipped for everything.

the garden seating @Halle Café Restaurant

The place just looks empty because I was the first one there. But you do need a resevation on the weekend. It fills up quite quickly. The kids got a “Festhallen” breakfast which comes with a bread roll, a croissant, a piece of fruit cake, an egg, butter, honey, two different kinds of jam and a white chocolate spread. The way the white chocolate was diminished I guess it was a hit.

Festhallen breakfast @Halle Café Restaurant

We adults didn’t bring more variety onto the breakfast table because we all ordered the Breakfast Bagel. Slightly toasted it came with a good amount of avocado, bacon, spinach, cheddar and two soft boiled eggs. I really loved the combination, it tasted so good. Of course when three of you order the same thing it can happen that the eggs get a bit cold. For me it was still perfect though.

Breakfast Bagel @Halle Café Restaurant

We washed all of the down with copious amounts of home-made lemonade and coffee. The waiters here are so friendly and charming, we didn’t sit on dry land for longer than a minute. Best of all was a recommandation to go for a sundowner (a little less alcohol than a cocktail) and the perfect choice to finish breakfast at noon. We ordered two Gin&Thyme, an interessting combination with blueberries. I could have done with less thyme but still something I will try at home.

Gin&Thyme sundowner @Halle Café Restaurant

Overall Halle Café Restaurant has great outdoor seating where you can relax while your kids run around. If you have no kids you will still enjoy it because the kids of the others are playing far away. Service and food were excellent. Can’t help myself to gush here, it has become so rare in Vienna that one is treated with so much attention! I will be back and probably soon. Yours, Pollybert


Halle Café Restaurant
MQ Museums Quartier
1070 Wien, Museumsplatz 1
Tel.: +43 1 523 70 01
Mon-Sun: 10:00-02:00 (kitchen until 24:00)

UPDATE 2019: I recently went back and this time I had the breakfast burrito. It’s definitely a filling dish but it wasn’t great. As enticing as the filling sounded with scrambled eggs, beans, avocado and bacon, it was actually the sour cream which didn’t work for me here. I didn’t feel good after eating it. Service was still a success though and my friends loved their dishes. I might have just been unfortunate.

breakfast burrito @Halle Café Restaurant


  1. What a fabulous breakfast Pollybert. The bagel looks like a blessed creation. Like a meal in itself. Which works so well for me. I dig bagels solo but add those toppings and I would gain 5-10 pounds a month after eating in this place a few times weekly.

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