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Recently, on a Monday to be exact, I went for dinner at Good Morning Vietnam. This restaurant has been around for a quite while and I always liked it. This time though I felt a bit different about it. The dining room has been made up since I was there the last time. No more street food feeling but rather fine dining. Which is mirrored in the menu with a lot of three-course meal choices. The evening meals change weekly but the regular menu also offers other more-course meals. Each course can also be ordered separately.

dining room @Good Morning Vietnam

I decided to try one of the evening meals and my friend did the same just with a vegetarian option. The amuse gueule for both of us was a fresh spring roll with tofu which was a bit on the chewy side. The rice paper was either not soft enough or too thickly rolled. In any case it had a tough texture. The roll was served with pickled cabbage which was fresh and light. The sweet-chili sauce on top was not really necessary.

amuese guele @Good Morning Vietnam

Too bad then that my first course was another spring roll which had exactly the same problem. The texture of the duck spring roll was goopy and extremely chewy. Overall there was not enough ‘spring’ in it. These rolls are usually served in Vietnam with lots of fresh herbs and salad. Mine had mint on top and otherwise rice noodles and duck inside. The peanut sauce was tasty though and helped to wash it down.

fresh duck spring roll @Good Morning Vietnam

The vegetarian fried spring roll looked a lot better and more enticing. My friend loved it and had no complaints.

fried vegetarian spring roll @Good Morning Vietnam

My main dish was spicy beef curry with mango and coconut milk. It was okay. This the best I can say about it. If you want to eat curry you don’t go to a Vietnamese. The mistake is clearly on my side. The curry was mild and I can’t remember seeing or tasting any mango in it. I liked the fried onions within the rice dome.

beef curry with mago @Good Morning Vietnam

The vegetarian dish was tofu wrapped in a lalot leaf. Personally I find that lalot is an acquired taste but here it worked well. Probably because the tofu is bland and needs a bit extra. This was a very nice dish and well presented. Maybe one could go with less rice noodles though and serve it with some of the salad which was mentioned in the menu instead.

tofu in lalot leaf @Good Morning Vietnam

My dessert was a cake swimming in coconut milk. With no expectations I was nonetheless disappointed when it was served. It looked weird.

swimming cake in coconut milk @Good Morning Vietnam

The milk then was way too sweet but the cake inside was wonderful. Really, really tasty. The sesame paste in the rice dough was delicious. And just the perfect size. I ate it in two bites.

My friend got the chocolate coconut balls. These were also served with coffee so I could try them as well. I found them bland and unspectacular. Nothing to write home about. Maybe that’s why they were swimming in chocolate sauce.

chocolate and coconut balls @Good Morning Vietnam

Hoping for a good ending to an otherwise forgettable meal we ordered Vietnamese coffee. The worst decision ever. Coffee here is served the traditional way but has only the faintest trace of the real deal. So disappointing! And the chocolate coconut ball didn’t help.

Vietnamese coffee or something like it @Good Morning Vietnam

Service was quick and attentive. Everything was on the table in a matter of minutes except for dessert and coffee. Overall this is not a Vietnamese I can recommend. There are a lot better places in Vienna. Yours, Pollybert

Good Morning Vietnam
1090 Vienna, Sechsschimmelgasse 16
Tel: +43/1 307 31 61
Mon-Sat: 11:30-15:00, 17:30-23:00

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