Eating out in Naples

Italy always has amazing food. On all my trips to this country I never had anything I really disliked. Instead I had quite a lot of really memorable dishes. Naples falls into this category as well. The food here is wonderful. It is simple but so tasty. With just a couple of ingredients you get a plate of steaming pasta and feel the love which goes in the food. If good food can already do this to you, just imagine what great food can do. Here is a list of places which had memorable dishes. Yours, Pollybert

Da Patrizia: our first evening saw us exploring the harbor area and looking around for a place to eat. Most restaurants were fully booked and had several people waiting.

you can find Da Patrizia here @Naples

Da Patrizia was actually recommended in my guide-book. Even with a description we couldn’t find it though at first. I am so glad that we did in the end because the food was fantastic. It is a very small trattoria right at the water front, dwarfed by all the other restaurants beside it. The menu is small but whatever is available is fresh. We stuck with seafood and had each a pasta dish (vongole and cozze), and then both a zuppa (cozze and polpo). Zuppa is here not a soup but rather the ordered seafood is served on a bed of bread with a bit of very spicy broth. so yummy!

spaghetti alle cozze @Da Patrizia

zuppa di polpo @Da Patrizia

A’Lucianella: On a Sunday evening Naples is like any big city, not a lot of restaurants are open. We found this hidden gem by chance, walking down the via dei Tribunal. The little square in front of the trattoria makes for excellent seating and the food was amazing. I had pasta with eggplant and tomato sauce which was a rich and melting in your mouth combination.

pasta with eggplants and tomato sauce @A’Lucianella

My friend had a seafood pasta and look how much seafood was on this plate. Unfortunately she doesn’t like octopus, so happy that I could help out in this respect. The taste was awesome and the meat perfectly tender and juicy.

pasta with seafood @A’Lucianella

Pizza: What you shouldn’t miss is Neapolitan pizza. This is what Naples is famous for after all. Pizza of course can be served in different ways and I like mine with a crust. That’s really too bad then that the real deal is soft and rubbery (in my opinion). Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the toppings. Tomatoes here just taste different, sweeter and a lot more fragrant. But it just doesn’t do it for me if the pizza reminds me of pay-doh. So please go ahead and try it and then let me know what you think. It’s worth fighting about it.

real Neapolitan pizza @Naples

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