A day trip to Ischia

The islands in the Golf of Naples are many and varied. So where to go while visiting the city? It all depends on how much time you want to spend in the harbor of Naples. We had wanted to visit Capri. Probably like everybody else. In the end the queue made the difference. The line up for Capri meant waiting in the sun for hours (or so it looked). We settled therefore on the shortest queue which was for Ischia. Also worth a trip appeared to be Procida, an island I haven’t even heard about before we stopped there on the way to Ischia. It has a beautiful harbor. Don’t know anything else about it though but definitely need to go there one day.

But back to Ischia though. It is the largest of the islands in the golf and has probably lots of beaches to offer. We went for a day though and that in the beginning of May, so swimming was not on out mind. We wanted to stroll around for a bit, do some sightseeing and basically just relax. And honestly, Ischia is perfect for all of this. This one day trip felt like a very special holiday and that although the whole trip to Naples was a vacation. But going to an island just feels different.

Arriving on Ischia @Italy

Upon arriving we decided to make our way to the Castello Aragonese which you can see already from the sea. Actually we had no clue on what else to do and the castle looked impressive enough. What a wise decision because the stroll through the town is picturesque.

the town of Ischia @Italy

walking toward the Castello Aragonese @Ischia

the Castello Aragonese in all its glory @Ischia

You won’t believe it but there is an elevator in this castle which takes you all the way to the top. From up there you have the most amazing view on the surrounding sea.

view on Ischia town @Italy

looking out the window @Ischia

looking out onto the sea @Ischia

A day like this needs to end on a perfect note. And what better way to do this then with a glass of Aperol spritz. Nothing beats that when you sit in the sun, get some snacks served with it and feel the salt in the air. It was a glorious day. Yours, Pollybert

catching the last rays of sun @Ischia

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