Der Hungerkünstler by Georg Elterlein: A friend suggested this book to me by a friend and she didn’t exaggerate. The story of young tennis prodigy who stopped eating to escape his father/manager and how he finds his way back into the world is enjoyable. I liked how he slowly comes back to life and gets involved with the people surrounding him. When he has to take care of his grandfather there is suddenly a purpose to his living again. Lovely book by an Austrian writer!


Girl Online Going Solo by Zoe Sugg: The final book in the ‘Girl Online’ trilogy reads as fluffy and easy as the other two books. The story of Penny and Noah is on the back-burner while she finds her inner voice. I quite like the message to all the girls out there. Love yourself first, everything else will then work out. But it is of course not a self-help book but an entertaining book which you finish in a lazy afternoon. Definitely a good beach read or for the couch on a rainy afternoon.


Erotic Stories For Punjabi Widows by Balli Kaur Jaswal: If you are into erotic stories then this is  good book for you. Jaswal writes the erotic parts way better written than anything that is in “Fifty shades of Grey” (what a waste of time). But the book is so much more than the couple of stories. It is about the Indian culture in England and the growing self-confidence of women who are usually only at the sidelines in their culture. Excellent read!


Who’s That Girl? by Mhairi McFarlane: No wonder I like her best! All books I have read so far from Mhairi McFarlane were absolutely the best. I love her style, I love her characters. The are all so normal and relatable people. Even though this one has an international movie star as one of the main characters, he comes across a bit soft. I still loved every page of this book and spent two evenings on the couch just reading. Haven’t done that in a long time.

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