The doors of Naples

Most of the doors in Naples are big wooden doors. and when I say big, I mean big! Just look at the first two pictures and you will see what I mean. The doors are huge, wide but also very high as if a truck needs to fit through. But in the end it is only a small door within the big one which is used as opening. I found that very interesting and quite new. Can’t really remember if I have seen this somewhere else.

Also noticeable was the amount of graffiti on the doors. Not so much art as vandalism. Such a shame because people really try to keep them neat. You can see a couple a of door pictures without anything on them.

Most of the doors also have some iron work on top. Either to let the air circulate or maybe just to look pretty. If one of you knows something about this, just leave a comment. I would really like to know what’s the point of these grills. Yours, Pollybert

this looks like a regular door @Naples

but it’s actually just a small part of a bigger door @Naples

a church door @Naples

there might be shop hidden behind this sash door @Naples

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