More impressions of Naples

I guess no trip is complete without a couple of extra pictures. Naples is no different. Although the first impression is one of dirt and rubbish everywhere besides the numerous graffiti, Naples and its surrounding areas have wonderful hidden spots of beauty. A friend told me that he will never come to Naples. After watching Gomorra he just knew there would be a dead body around every corner. Ha, so not true! Here are my favorite pictures from this city trip. Yours, Pollybert

there is always room for a little outdoor seating @Naples

Dante (who is one of the greatest) is looking down on you @Naples

that’s a weird castle mix @Naples

the rooftops of Naples

don’t miss out on the metro; it’s pure art @Naples

let’s sit down for a moment under this huge olive tree @Ischia

show your hands if you want to go for a ride @Naples

happy in Ischia

the narrow streets of Naples

imagine yourself on this sailboat @Ischia

little prayer corners are all over the city @Naples

all the snacks you can imagine come with one drink @Ischia

a quiet moment for yourself @Ischia

dusk in the harbour @Ischia

follow the sign @Ischia

where there is fresh fish, there are fresh snacks @Naples

what happened to the rest of the front @Naples


  1. Very nice!! If you go there once again, I’d love come!

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