The summer in Budapest is one big party

The last time I was in Budapest for a weekend was fun. I was on a girls trip with my friends and we spent the whole time running around in the rain. Which could have made tour experience miserable but we had a blast. Of course Budapest in summer is on a totally different level and I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed it.

I invited myself to a friend’s place who lives and work there. So great to have basically a ‘local’ (quite funny because her Hungarian is limited at best) as a companion who showed me around.

Where to party

We went Friday evening for tapas at Vicky Barcelona and left there before the dancing started. The food was great and the rosé we shared excellent. Next up Szimpla, a ruin pub with good music and full of party people. Just the right place to get your weekend started or ended depending on how long you want to stay. Unfortunately I have no pictures from this legendary evening. Or at least none that I want to share with you.

So the next morning we needed a big breakfast to start the day and after that another nap. It was early afternoon when we left the apartment. We crossed the Chain Bridge to get to the Jewish District and look how beautiful it is in the sun. So different to my last visit.

Chain Bridge in the sun @Budapest

The locations around the Chain Bridge are also worth a look in the evening. Lots of people are always around the water in summer time. Definitely a spot for a drink.

Mazel Tov in the Jewish Quarter is a great location for drinks and excellent food. It is in another ruin building but looks well enough maintained. We shared a couple of appetizers including some kind of weird but marvelous cauliflower. This is a place where you want to stay for hours and end up your evening leaning on the bar.

dining room @Mazel Tov

Also a spot for a drink is the rooftop bar 360. Enclosed is also a restaurant in case you want to dine up there. I felt it was more a party location with a killer view over Budapest and excellent Mojitos (check out the view and atmosphere here).

view over Budapest @360 Bar

enjoy the summer on top @360 Bar

summer feeling with Mojitos @360 Bar

Let me know what you think

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