Das Lokal im Hof

A change of owners finally convinces me to give this place a try. Das Lokal im Hof is a small eatery with a wonderful cool courtyard. During the dog days of summer this is exactly the place you want to be. Cool with a fresh wind coming in and part of it under a roof in case rains strikes. Perfect for these new summers.

Also perfect is the short menu that pays tribute to the heat with a couple of salads. Besides that there are some lovely sounding takes on traditional Austrian food (Blunzenfrühlingsrolle = blood sausage spring roll anyone?). But these have to wait. On this hot summer night I was all for a little salad. As were most of my friends. The fried chanterelle salad was becoming a favorite around my table.

The portion of chanterelle was generous and the mix of leave salad, soy beans and tomatoes the perfect backdrop for the mushrooms. Radishes and peppergrass round-up the summer salad.

chanterelle salad @Das Lokal

Others were not inhibited by the heat and ordered warm dishes. One of these was a kale roulade. It was filled with bulgur and vegetables, topped with a tomato salsa and surrounded by a curry sauce and pomegranate seeds. I was not sure what to make of it but apparently it was just wonderful. The combination worked and my friend ate with gusto.

kale roulade @Das Lokal

The pike-perch did not fare so well. Bedded on a bed of cauliflower cream it cane with thyme crumbs and a lemon radish salad. The salad was amazing and just right for the weather as was the cauliflower cream. Unfortunately the fish was dry and the crumbs didn’t work.

pike-perch @Das Lokal

A lot better was the fudge brownie with salted peanuts received. The cake was so fudgy that the whole table shared it. Rather not a dessert you want to order on your own except if you plan on gaining weight. So yummy but super rich in taste.

fudge brownie @Das Lokal

While I thought hot temperatures make people aggressive and cranky, this is so not true. The service was excellent and super friendly. The drinks arrived quick and the charming waitress brought water by the ‘bucket’ to the table. Das Lokal im Hof is certainly a place I want to see again. Yours, Pollybert

Das Lokal im Hof
1040 Wien, Viktorgasse 22/Weyringergasse 36
Tel: +43 1 9719141
Email: office@daslokal.at
Mon-Fri: 11:00-23:00

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