Strolling through the old town of Valencia

The best way of exploring Valencia is by walking around. The old town is actually quite easy to navigate after you get the hang of it! We spent our first afternoon walking around by ourselves but the next morning joined the free walking tour of Free Tour Valencia. This I can really recommend. Our guide Elena was fabulous and so knowledgable. So no matter how you discover the city look out for these gems. Yours, Pollybert


The city is full of them, so choose wisely which ones you enter. Otherwise you might spend your weekend only indoors. Take a look at the Basilica de la Virgen de los Desamparados (our Lady of the Forsaken) or the Valencia Cathedral which has three portals in different styles. Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque.

The Basilica of our Lady of the forsaken and the Cathedral on the right @Valencia

one of the portals of the Cathedral @Valencia

Llotja de la Seda

Or the Silk Exchange of Valencia. This is a Unesco World Heritage Site and a must-see while in Valencia. The main hall is just unbelievably beautiful.

The Silk Exchange @Valencia

the main hall of the Silk Exchange @Valencia

Mercado Central

The Central Market in Valencia is a beautiful Art Noveau building in which you can buy and eat everything Spanish you can wish for. I brought back a sack full of chorizo and jamon as well as and queso. While in there please also look up and admire the steel construction.

inside the Mercado Central, Valencia

Mercado Central, Spain

The Torres

There are a couple of towers around the old town. Mostly with the churches but also free-standing. There are two left of the city walls. One of them is the Torres de Serranos or Serrano’s Gate. In the end it doesn’t matter which one you decide to climb up as long as you can enjoy the view.

Serrano’s Gate @Valencia

view on the town from the Cathedral tower, the Miguelete @Valencia

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