More impressions of Valencia

These four days in Valencia were really a happy period. Especially in regards to the Spanish food. That was so good. But of course Valencia’s charm is not limited to this alone. The city has so much on offer even when it was cold and miserable. I don’t know what we did, to deserve such an unseasonable cold weekend in Valencia. But sh*t happens to the best of us and we came mostly well prepared. So here are a couple of pictures which didn’t fit in any other story. Please enjoy these timeless beauties. Yours, Pollybert

This is what happy looks like when you get a place at the Central bar by Ricard Camarena.

this is what happy looks like @Valencia

the narrowest facade (the narrowest house is in Amsterdam) @Valencia

the coat of arms including batman @Valencia

don’t you just want to grab one and go? @Valencia

colorful houses in the old town @Valencia

is that the plague or are the flies coming because of the decomposing body @Valencia

walking in the dried-up river bed of the Turia @Valencia

a boulevard of palms @Valencia

on top of the City of Arts and Sciences @Valencia

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