More impressions from Glasgow and the Isle of Skye

Driving through Scotland is a bit like ‘stop and go’. Every couple of minutes there is a scenic photo motive which needs to be captured. This is exactly how it goes every time we go to Scotland. I just can’t help myself. This country is so beautiful. So here are a couple of more pictures which didn’t fit in the stories before. I really do hope you find Scotland as amazing as I. Yours, Pollybert

Black Cuillin mountains @Scotland

around the Fairy Glen @Isle of Skye

a redbreast robin in front of the bridge of the Eilean Donan Castle @Scotland

sunset at the Fairy Pools @Isle of Skye

I love a good sweets shop and this one even got a naked man in the window @Glasgow

a butcher with fresh bridies and other pies @Glasgow

always a mix of sun and clouds @Isle of Skye

on the way to the Fairy Pools @Isle of Skye

near Neist Point Lighthouse @Isle of Skye

this is the way to the Fairy Pools @Scotland

beautiful mural @Glasgow

walking around Brother’s Point @Isle of Skye

somewhere @Isle of Skye

a former shelter for the police is now a little snack bar @Glasgow

nature @Isle of Skye

oncoming traffic on the way to Talisker Beach @Isle of Skye

black Talisker beach @Isle of Skye

on the way to Dunvegan Castle @Isle of Skye


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