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Wein & Co has been a staple in Vienna since a very long time. Recently it underwent some changes which included also a refurbishing of the restaurant/bar in downtown Vienna. It also contained an update of the menu.

As a larger group you do always well to make a reservation. Wein&Co is no exception to this rule. Fortunately they also have one ‘separate room’. Accommodating up to 10 persons, in a larger booth. Separate but still part of the main room. What a lovely idea.

We all ignored the starters and went right to the main course. The bowls were all an excellent idea. Of the three we tried all were delicious. I started with the Suckling Pig Bowl which consisted of lentils, fried and breaded pig, red beets and horseradish. The combination was excellent and had a really earthy flavor.

suckling pig bowl @Wein&Co

The second bowl I tried was the Beef Bowl which was basically rice, steak and avocado. With the miso sauce and the alga it was a colorful presentation and also slightly spicy in taste. Great choice!

Beef Bowl @Wein&Co

The Vegetarian Bowl was a curry with rice. I heard only the best about it and the spice mix hit apparently the right note.

Vegetarian Bowl @Wein&Co

In addition someone ordered a filet and a tuna steak. Apparently they turned out okay, I didn’t hear anything to the contrary. The pictures of these two dishes though turned out boring, so I am omitting them.

The desserts were a special. The creme brulée lacked the necessary crunch on top. Just torching the sugar for a couple of seconds before serving it, is just not enough. The taste was good though, rich and creamy. A plum compote was served on the side.

Creme Brulée @Wein&Co

The other dessert was a chocolate lava cake which was very intense in taste. Definitely a dish you will need to share. Also the presentation on this one needs to improve. The cake and the ice cream were almost hidden underneath a layer of sugar and coconut flakes.

chocolate lava cake @Wein&Co

Overall I find the new interior an improvement and the atmosphere relaxing. Service is quick if not all that attentive when you sit in the little extra room. This is definitely a good choice on a busy day downtown. The place is big enough to accommodate walk-ins but also has an intimate vibe. Yours, Pollybert

Wein & Co
1010 Wien, Jasomirgottstraße 3-5
Sun-Wed (& national holidays): 09:00-24:00, Thu-Sat: 09:00-02:00
Tel: +43 1 05 07 06-3122
Email: jasbar@weinco.at

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