The Sagrada Familia and other Gaudi projects

No visit to Barcelona is complete without stopping by the Sagrada Familia. Or at least should be. My only other time in Barcelona came and went without a visit to this landmark. The church is under construction since 1882. It will hopefully be finished in 2026 (100 years after Gaudí’s death). I have to say it looks already pretty good.

Your best bet to get inside without lining up forever is to order your tickets online. With that you can also choose your preferred visiting time. And the line up is big, trust me. On this Monday against the backdrop of a blue sky the Sagrada Familia looked impressive. Even the cranes towering above it do appear spectacular.

Sagrada Familia from afar @Barcelona

Following the audio guide we studied first the Nativity facade outside which had been finished by Gaudí. There are so many details to get into, that it takes a while until you can move on.

the Nativity facade of the Sagrada Familia @Barcelona

After that we went up with the elevator. Just 10 years ago the roof was without a banister and therefore a challenge for everyone with vertigo. Nowadays it’s pretty easy to walk the short bit outside and take a good look. Barcelona from above is definitely worth it.

the city from above @Barcelona

Barcelona at my feet

Once you enter the imposing church again you feel the passion that went into it. Antoni Gaudí poured his heart into all of his projects. So it makes sense that seven of them landed of the UNESCO World Heritage list (the Nativity facade is one of the seven). The different colored windows throw their colors all around the magnificent interior.

the extraordinary vault @Sagrada Familia

the warm and cold colors right next to each other @Sagrada Familia

inside the Sagrada Familia @Barcelona

Of course there are a lot of great houses all over Barcelona. Some of them influenced by Gaudí and some of them done by him. Quite a lot you can visit. Something you should think about before, otherwise you will spend a lot of time waiting later.

Casa Milà @Barcelona

Casa Batló @Barcelona

Personally I think Gaudí needs to be appreciated in small dosages otherwise you get tired of him pretty quickly. His style is unique and as a result he influenced a lot of later architects. It’s best to come back again to Barcelona for another Gaudí afternoon. Yours, Pollybert

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