La Ribera and the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

Usually I love to go for free walking tours in a new city and I already did a couple. Barcelona was not a new city though. I have been here twice before. So we decided on touring the area near our hotel which happened to be La Ribera and the Gothic Quarter.

the area near our hotel @Barcelona

We started with breakfast a Bubó. Unfortunately it was bit early for a cake, so we all just got a pastry. But don’t miss out on these cakes. They looked amazing.

The Placa Reial (Catalan for the Royal Plaza) invites you to stay for a bit under the palm trees and admire the lampposts designed by Gaudi. Even with the sun it was bit too cool to stay outside, so we just kept on walking.

Placa Reial @Barcelona

lamppost by Gaudi @Barcelona

A little bit further is the Basilica Santa Maria del Pi which has beautiful houses in the vicinity.

somewhere around the Basilica Santa Maria del Pi @Barcelona

Also in the area is the Galería Maxó Petritxo which was a fun shop to visit. It took me some time to finally decide what picture I wanted to bring home.

a nice souvenir shop @Barcelona

And check out this small balcony between two houses. Like a gangway.

a small bridge connects these two houses @Barcelona

Next to the Cathedral of Barcelona you can find the rest of the Augustus temple. The four pillars look mighty impressive, the temple must have been huge.

the four pillars of the temple Augustus @Barcelona

Of course you then have to look into the Cathedral of Barcelona. It’s from the 14th century and shouldn’t be missed. Here the cathedral from the back side.

Cathedral of Barcelona

But it’s the inside that counts, it always does. With buildings and with people. The choir inside was totally amazing, although it comes out a bit dark in the picture. It was very detailed with all the different coat of arms.

inside the Cathedral @Barcelona

a detail from the choir of the Cathedral @Barcelona

Within the cloister you find the well of the geese and to this day 13 white geese are kept here. All in memory of St. Eulalia the patron saint of Barcelona who was only 13 years when she died. The animals are certainly not impressed with us tourists. They only showed us their back.

the geese of St. Eulalia @Barcelona

So take your time while strolling around through the Gothic Quarter and La Ribera. There is much to discover in these quarters. Yours, Pollybert

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