Why Mallorca is worth a visit out of season

What can be better than escaping cold and dreary Vienna with a weekend in the sun? In February I managed to get away for a long weekend to Mallorca and it was absolutely delightful. Not a lot of tourists, beautiful weather and the almond trees in full bloom.

Arriving in Palma on a sunny afternoon we checked into our hotel (Hotel Canavall which I can only recommend) and then started with the exploration of Palma. Take your time with Palma, history permeates a lot of corners.

the Cathedral of Palma @Mallorca

Mallorca is of course an island and there are a couple of lively ports you can experience. One of them, Puerto de Sóller to the west, you can even reach by train and tram. The nostalgic train ride is a good hour-long journey with one photo stop in between. In February it was especially beautiful with the blooming almond trees along the way.

view on Puerto de Sóller @Mallorca

Another day trip from Palma are the Cuevas del Drach. You can reach these huge caves directly by bus.

Cuevas del Drach @Mallorca

Best of all is of course to just enjoy Palma de Mallorca without the masses of tourists. It’s amazing to eat ice cream in the sun while the rest of Europe I still in the grip of winter. Also the locals appeared (at least to me) not to mind the tourists. Probably due to the early season. Yours, Pollybert

ice cream in February @Mallorca

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