Strolling through Palma

On this recent weekend on Mallorca we spent the majority of our time with day tours. But the hours we actually were in Palma were used to walk around the old town. There is the usual Rambla which you can find in every Spanish city. They all look similar, a wide boulevard lined with trees in the middle.

La Rambla @Palma

There is also a Plaza Mayor. Nothing unusual about this in a Spanish city. It was less impressive than in Madrid let’s say, but I still found the empty space amazing.

Plaza Mayor in Palma, Mallorca

The Cathedral of Palma is apparently worth a visit inside. At least that’s what my guide-book told me. Unfortunately the opening times didn’t agree with our schedule and we only saw it from the outside. Which was already impressive. As it should be since Gaudi did his part to pimp it. Also on sunday morning during mass there is no entry if you don’t look like a believer. There is a security guide outside the church to keep the infidels away.

the Cathedral of Palma @Mallorca

We didn’t go into the Foundation Bartolemé March but the small park right next to it had an impressive tree. It was so big that basically the whole garden was in the shade because of it.

park of the Foundation March @Palma

We did go inside the Banys Arabs, which is the only Moorish building left in Palma. There is not a lot to see in the Arab Baths. Although no renovation has been done, you do get a feeling though on how it looked in earlier. The garden surrounding it is very lovely and must be a cool spot in summer time.

on the way to the Arab Baths @Mallorca

the garden of the Arab Baths @Mallorca

While walking through the city just keep your eyes open and you will find a couple of photo stops. Therefore spend your time here with no agenda and just get lost. Yours, Pollybert

either an old communal water tap or just a fountain for tourists @Mallorca

like a small castle @Mallorca

gorgeous houses @Mallorca

another beautiful house @Mallorca

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