An American Marriage by Tayari Jones: Reading this book felt like the worst nightmare coming true. A newly wed couple stays overnight in a hotel only to wake up with the police busting the door. Another guest has accused the husband of rape. Eventually a jury finds the husband guilty. With 12 years of prison ahead how do you go about your life, your marriage? The book is intense and not easy to read. Probably because this fate can strike anyone (at least in the US). Great read!


Replica by Lauren Oliver: It might just be a YA book but in the end it poses some fundamental questions. What makes us human? What is the difference between clones and humans (besides the obvious)? Are clones less humans? Was the sheep Dolly less of a sheep? This is a heck of a topic to tackle for a YA book. Since this is already possible, the questions are not far-fetched but rather something we have to start thinking about it. Loved it!


The Balfour Declaration: The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict by Jonathan Schneer: After listening to the root of the Arab-Jewish conflict for 18 hours I am none the wiser. Again I have to assert that audio books are not meant for political topics. Especially not when you go about audio books like me. Five minutes at the time. So first of all 18 hours is endless then and secondly you only comprehend half of it. Maybe even less if I am honest. I need to stick to fiction and other fluffy reads for this device. Otherwise I am getting completely off the audio.


Die hellen Tage by Zsuzsa Bank: It sounded so good and came so recommended. Unfortunately it took me weeks to finishes it. While the story of the three children becoming friends is okay there is just nothing happening. And this endless cycle of the same nothingness just didn’t make for an exciting read. No wonder one of the mothers develops dementia later on in life. She must have been bored out of her mind as well.

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