A day trip to Port de Sóller

When you are on Mallorca in February it is warm and sunny but it is definitely not beach weather. At least in the sense of sun bathing. So what is there to do except strolling around in Palma? I can recommend a visit of Port de Sóller with the nostalgic train. The train is running since 1912 and a seat on it, brings you back in time.

the old train station @Mallorca

ready to board the train to Sóller @Mallorca

The train shows you a side of Mallorca which you wouldn’t if you stayed only in Palma. The landscape is lush and green and the almond trees are in full bloom. The train also stops to give you a photo-op.

blooming almond trees in the back @Mallorca

view on Sóller @Mallorca

Not only is the train ride exceptional, also the arrival in Sóller is fun. It was market day on Saturday and we bought some delicacies for our planned picnic in Port de Sóller. But first it was time to wander around the town and check out the tram which is going right through the main square (click here to see how that looks).

the main square in Sóller @Mallorca

The tram is also from the beginning of the 20th century, 1913 to be exact. The ride takes about 30 minutes and is not only used by tourists.

a waiting tram in Port de Sóller @Mallorca

The moment when you arrive at the beach is glorious. Especially so when you see that it is warm enough to spend time right next to the water.

arriving in Port de Sóller @Mallorca

We ended higher up though, choosing a comfortable bench somewhere with an incredible view on the port (click here for more details). But best of all was of course the picnic we shared there. So a privilege to travel with friends who always have a knife and a cutting board with them on their travels. We feasted on sausage, cheese, fresh bread, olives and sun-ripe tomatoes. And had of course a small beer to wash it all down.

view on the port of Sóller @Mallorca

picnic in Port de Sóller @Mallorca

Thus invigorated we walked the last steps to the top of the hill in Port de Sóller to gaze down on the cliffs on the other side. Quite impressing, don’t you find?

the cliffs of Port de Sóller @Mallorca

We closed out the day trip to Sóller with a drink at the main square while waiting for the train. We got a table at one of the few places which still had some sun. Definitely one of the day tours you can consider while on Mallorca. Yours, Pollybert

the main square of Sóller in the evening sun @Mallorca

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