More impressions from Mallorca

Here are a couple of more pictures from my long weekend trip to Mallorca. What a warm and welcome place, especially during February while the rest of Europa was still in the grip of winter. It was wonderful to stroll through the streets and just get lost in the maze of one-way and cobbled alleys. There are a lot of details to look at, so one has to go always with open eyes through the streets. Otherwise you pass something interesting. See below and what we noticed. Thanks Andrea! Yours, Pollybert

view inside a courtyard @Mallorca

details of the main portal of the Cathedral in Palma @Mallorca

somewhere in Palma @Mallorca

in the garden of the Arabian baths @Mallorca

facade details in Palma @Mallorca

street detail in Palma @Mallorca

time for a rest at the Café L’Antiquari @Mallorca

happy hour in Sóller @Mallorca

the port of Porto Christo @Mallorca

more facade details @Mallorca

another beautiful facade @Mallorca

bubbles @Mallorca

wide pedestrian boulevards in Palma @Mallorca

waiting for the sun @Mallorca

colorful houses @Mallorca

the three travelers @Mallorca


  1. Who made the “Bubbles”? Banksy? I can’t zoom in the signature. Happy 🐇🐣🕊

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