The food of Mallorca

The food on Mallorca was super delicious with one big exception. Bar Espana came highly recommended by my guide-book as well as the hotel and the internet. I can only warn you about it though. As good as the food looked, something was off. Two out of three people got sick that night. And honestly the amount of alcohol we inhibited that evening should have killed all bacteria. So let our misfortune be a warning for you.

Go instead for excellent ice cream to Bo Bom Gelateria. It was absolutely delicious, artisanal and hand-made. We went there twice during our stay. One of my food highlights.

excellent ice cream from Bo Bom @Mallorca

Right around the corner from our Hotel Canavall is the Bodega Ca na Chinchilla. We went there twice as well in the four days. I mean why change a restaurant with great food and service after a bad experience? Their artichoke salad with fresh mushrooms was to die for. The tuna salad with the roasted peppers was also great.

artichoke salad @Bodega Ca na Chinchilla

tuna salad with roasted peppers @Bodega Ca na Chinchilla

When we went there again around we ordered salad with sardines and a grilled octopus. Both dishes confirmed our decision to come here again.

salad with sardines and grilled octopuss @Bodega Ca na Chinchilla

On our visit to Porto Christo we had lunch at a small outdoor café where I tried the typical sopa Mallorquina. It’s made with stale bread and kale and is definitely not a starter. As a result I was full after this dish.

sopa Mallorquina @Mallorca

We also went to La Rosa Vermuteria, a place wich was packed in the restaurant section as well as along the bar. There we tried Patxaran, a Basque drink, which is a fruity liquor. It comes beside the lemon with and olive.

Patxaran drink in La Rosa Vermutería @Mallorca

Personally this is never going to be the drink of my choice. I prefer my usual G&T or, when in Spain, cava. In fact this is always an excellent choice especially when you sit in the sun and enjoy the last moments of your holiday. I know the olives don’t really work with the cava, but who cares when you feel a little bit peakish. Yours, Pollybert

cava enjoyed in the sun @Mallorca

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