More impressions of Passau

Although I only spent a short weekend in Passau, less than 48 hours to be precise, I fell in love with this small town. It has such a vibrant and relaxed atmosphere which is quite unheard of for a German town.

People used the first warm rays of sunshine to sit outside and enjoy a drink. The river banks were full of families and others who wanted to make the best out of the wonderful weather. It was definitely the perfect time to visit Passau. Yours, Pollybert

St. Stephen’s Cathedral from the back @Passau

still waiting for spring but warm enough to sit outside @Passau in March

looking on the Inn river @Passau

alleys and passages @Passau

view on Passau from the Veste Oberhaus with the city hall in front and St. Stephen’s Cathedral in the back @Passau

more alleys and passages @Passau

market day in front of St. Stephen’s Cathedral @Passau

the old town @Passau

really narrow alleys like this @Passau

Mariahilf Church and small cemetery in front @Passau

it says underneath that Jesus is distressed while to me he looks as if he is enjoying the spring sun @Passau

maybe not so easy to relax here @Passau


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