A weekend in Passau

Passau, although in Germany, is right on the border to Austria. Also it is only a bit more than two hours from Vienna. So what is the point of visiting the three river city for a weekend since it is almost a home-town? Do you really need a reason for going on vacation? I don’t. But in case you do, here is a list of what’s special about Passau. Yours, Pollybert

1.) First of all it has three rivers. The Danube, the Inn, and the Ilz. Where else can you find a city where three rivers meet and converge? It also has a fortress looking out over the said three rivers. Actually Passau has two fortresses, but the lower one I didn’t visit.

Veste Niederhaus in front, Veste Oberhaus in the back @Passau

2.) The Veste Oberhaus sits high above the city. It’s a short but steep walk to get there. If you are not up for it you can also drive (or get in the bus from the town hall). The view is amazing from the top and also the museum within the Veste is well worth your visit. If you look closely you can see the different colors of the rivers.

view on the three rivers, from left to right: Ilz, Danube and Inn @Passau

3.) You can also get a bit closer to the converging rivers at the Ortspitze. A part of Passau is located on an island in between the rivers Danube and Inn. At the peak of said island you can see the rivers flowing left and right.

the “Ortspitze” @Passau

4.) I spend my weekend walking around the old town. Actually everywhere I looked appeared old. The city is full of small, steep alleys, long river promenades (there are three rivers after all) and a couple of churches.

5.) On the other side of the Inn is the Roman museum Kastell Boiotro. You can still see part of the foundations in the garden. The museum has an extensive exhibition of the former fort and the life in it. The shown artefacts are all from this area

Roman museum Kastell Boiotro @Passau

6.) Last but not least is the pilgrimage site Mariahilf. To get to the church on top of a small hill you walk up an endless amount of covered stairs. And they are especially steep. Which might make the repenting easier. I was taking my time doing picture stops in between. No wonder though that you make a pilgrimage out of these stairs. In one go it’s just too long.

these stairs lead up to the Mariahilf Church @Passau

Mariahilf Church @Passau

But the site is not only for pilgrims. Regardless of your religious conviction you can enjoy the view on Passau from the other side.

view on Passau with the Veste Oberhaus on the right side


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