A weekend in Tel Aviv

It’s funny, when I had to categorize this blog post I almost did a double take. Totally forgot that Israel is geographically part of Asia because culturally it’s definitely more European. An impression I confirmed again on this recent trip to Tel Aviv. No matter what continent though there are a couple of things you should definitely do when in Tel Aviv.

airport Tel Aviv, Israel

Arriving there on a Friday morning we checked in the Cucu Hotel (it has an excellent location and super friendly staff) and started our weekend from there. Since Friday is market day, we decided to hit the Carmel market. We found it easiest to make our way there on foot from our hotel. After a quick refuelling stop at a falafel shop we started exploring the market.

amazing falafel shop @Tel Aviv

This outdoor market has everything on offer from great produce to other stuff which you might or might not need. On Fridays it also has a large art section where local artists show and sell unique works.

herbs and spices mixed together @Tel Aviv

assorted candies @Tel Aviv

The overall atmosphere is one of lively relaxation which is normal since Friday is the Jewish Saturday. Lots of bars and restaurants in between create a perfect weekend spot where you just want to sit down and drink something. Which is exactly what we did. It had been a long day after all with an early flight. But no matter if you are tired or not, you want to sample a couple of this places in the afternoon sun.

stop for drinks and a bit to eat at Shukshuka @Tel Aviv

Another great idea on how to explore Tel Aviv is by going around with a bike. We got them from our hotel (besides an endless supply of candy in the reception area) and managed to bike all the way to Jaffa with countless stops in between.

The Rothschild Boulevard invited us with a picnic area which we forwent for a small coffee stall a little further up. I managed to get myself interviewed next to a fabulous art installation which was used for a political statement so shortly before the elections. No idea if the segment was aired, it was definitely fun to be in front of a microphone.

Pollybert while interviewed for the national tv @Tel Aviv

We veered off Rothschild to explore more Bauhaus style buildings and then ventured on to the old train station in Jaffa. Here another stop was in order at the fabulous Vicky Christina restaurant. This energized we biked the rest of the way to Jaffa only to stop shortly thereafter at Puaa. The flea market area is so fun to walk through and full of quaint bars and coffee shops that you can’t pass them by.

short stop at Café Puaa before strolling through the flea market @Tel Aviv

Eventually we made it to the top in Jaffa though, walked around the church and enjoyed the view from above on the city. The beach lay sprawled in from of us beckoning is to cycle home along it. Of course we used the last rays of sunshine for a sundowner and happily found our way afterwards back in the dark. What ever you do though, you will find yourself exhausted and happy while exploring Tel Aviv. Yours, Pollybert

the last couple of steps until the top of Jaffa @Tel Aviv

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