Street Art of Tel Aviv

A recent weekend trip to Tel Aviv yielded this crop of pictures. A big shout-out to my travel companion and friend Pat who took some of these pictures. Without her help the street art selection on this post would be a lot thinner. Although we really only spent a long weekend, it was enough to get the relaxed feeling of the Israeli. Despite the constant threat in the air, people here make a very relaxed impression. Which can also be seen within these street art works. There is a single one from Jerusalem and I also included an art installation which we saw at the old train station in Jaffa. I just liked it and I hope you do as well. Yours, Pollybert

this is a message for everyone @Tel Aviv

Create the change you want to see @Tel Aviv

art installation at the old train station in Jaffa @Tel Aviv

not really sure what that is supposed to mean but it is definitely colourful @Tel Aviv

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