Breakfast at Café Zuckergoscherl

The Café Zuckergoscherl opens its doors at 9am on a Saturday and is clearly not ready for business. Although two tables are already occupied, the cleaning lady is still mopping the floor in the entrance area. All through breakfast she was busy cleaning the restaurant, the washroom and later even vacuumed. That’s exactly the kind of background noise you really want to hear on a Saturday morning.

dining room @Zuckergoscherl

With that said let’s talk about the breakfast. I ordered my usual Eggs Benedict as I always do wherever available. Here they arrive on a toasted sesame bagel, with very cross bacon (or was it ham?), avocado cream and the standard sauce Hollandaise. At first it was very satisfying. Everything comes together, the liquid egg yolk, the sauce, and the bacon. But second bite is already too much. The sauce is cloying and rich and tastes more like the store-bought version. The avocado cream comes definitely from the tub. The water-induced color vouches for it. As appetizing as it looks, this is not what your body needs. I felt slightly sick all afternoon.

bagel with Eggs Benedict @Zuckergoscherl

At least my friend ordered something light and compared to this. Salmon with toast and cottage cheese. Honestly this was also not the winner. I was just a bit bland.

salmon with toast @Zuckergoscherl

I personally found the menu a bit boring, maybe because the kitchen can’t cook. I mean the salmon dish speaks volumes about the level of finesse you can expect here. Also the service suffers with number of guests. Once the place is full, the two waiters almost can’t cope anymore.

We left our table inside to drink another coffee in the sun and had to wait almost 20 minutes for it. The location is excellent right next to the Rochusmarkt therefore this place will be alive for a long time. It’s definitely not worth it though. Yours, Pollybert

Café Zuckergoscherl
1030 Wien, Landstraßer Hauptstraße 41-43
Tel: +43 650 56 53 581
Mon-Sat: 06:00-23:00, Sun: 09:00-20:00

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