Bicycling around Tel Aviv

What I love about Tel Aviv, besides being a city with a beach, is that it is manageable by bicycle. Don’t you appreciate that as well when you can discover a city on your bike instead of only walking around? Or being dependent on public transport? That’s something which makes me really happy.

Pat and Pollybert starting the bicycle tour @Tel Aviv

Our Cucu Hotel had a couple of bikes free of rent. They were not the newest models but good enough for a day around the city. With a look on the map we eventually found our way to the Rothschild Boulevard. This is really the most fun place to cycle along. This broad boulevard has a lane for cars on each side but the big middle part is for pedestrians and bicyclists. It starts out with a picnic area and then goes on to feature Bauhaus buildings left and right and small coffee kiosks in the middle to take a break.

Rothschild Boulevard @Tel Aviv

Bauhaus at Rothschild Boulevard @Tel Aviv

The overall direction we were looking at was for Jaffa. Before you get there though, make sure to stop at the old train station. It houses a couple of shops and art galleries as well as Vicky Christina, a popular restaurant.

old train station in Jaffa @Tel Aviv

From there it’s not far anymore to the sea and Jaffa. The flea market was happening on Sunday and we strolled around, surprised by the junk that was sold there. The area is fun though for another stop. Puaa Café was one place e.g. which we liked. All furniture in the café is also available for sale. Quite interesting.

flea market in Jaffa @Tel Aviv

waiting for a beer at Café Puaa @Tel Aviv

In the end you will need to park your bike somewhere and start to walk. To get to the top of the hill for the amazing view over Tel Aviv you will need to climb the stairs. At least I found that better than cycling to the top.

up the stairs to the top of Jaffa @Tel Aviv

view on the beach from Jaffa @Tel Aviv

Last but not least make sure to find time for a sundowner at the beach before you cycle back to the city. The beach is really one of the best parts from Tel Aviv. Yours, Pollybert

enjoying the last rays of sunshine at the beach @Tel Aviv

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