More impressions of Bucharest

Our weekend in Bucharest was really not enough to say one knows Romania. I think it gave me a small taste on what to expect when you travel this country. And not just in regards to food. There are a lot of different influences which you can still see, so I need more time to discover them. I don’t know when I will be back but Romania is on my travel list. Meanwhile I have put together a couple of pictures which didn’t make my other posts about this weekend trip. Please enjoy them as much as I do. Yours, Pollybert

first impression @Bucharest

selfie mirror @Bucharest

a different side @Bucharest

the coffee is only for friends @Bucharest

sculpture @Bucharest

a fake piper but the tape he played sounded great @Bucharest

looking up inside Stavropoleos Monastery @Bucharest

the king is still a beloved figure @Romania

modern Soviet housing style @Bucharest

I am not sure what it is but it looked stylish @Bucharest

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