Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott: It doesn’t look pretty when I cry. And this book really didn’t help in that matter. The story of Stella and Will, two teenagers with CF (Cystic Fibrosis) is one of hardship. All the more so important because one out of every 3000 newborns are afflicted with North European ancestry. I never knew that this was such a common disease. The book brings the disease to life and the love story brings you to tears.


Exit Ghost by Philip Roth: There is a reason why I dislike literary acclaimed authors. And this is because I don’t understand their work. What’s the point of reading about old, impotent and incontinent Nathing Zuckerman pining for a young and married woman for a forty year age difference. Really, do we need to go there? I totally understand the pining over someone younger, but is that cause enough for a book? This is one needless book.


The Plus One by Sophie Money-Coutts: Rarely have I laughed so much as with this book. while traveling I also had to read it to my friend aloud because it was so funny. So often Polly’s words struck a chord with me. These were my thoughts exactly, and not just once. Definitely a feel-good book which you will read in a day if you have the time. Otherwise you will regret every minute you have to do something else. What a joy!


One Day in December by Josie Silver: Reese Witherspoon inspired me to read it after seeing it on her book club page. Probably a couple of months late but better than never. And so worth it! A really lovely chick lit. I have been very lucky the last couple of weeks with excellent reads. This book is definitely one of those. Such a fabulous story and greatly drawn characters. I laughed and cried with their predicaments and was quite unhappy when it ended.

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