Breakfast at Stilbruch Restaurant – permanently closed

My Saturdays are nowadays exciting since I try a new breakfast place whenever I am in town. Recently we went to Stilbruch, a place I have admired from afar for quite some time. Loved that it opens at 9am, just in time for breakfast at Saturday.

dining room @Stilbruch

The breakfast menu is extensive with different egg dishes like scrambled eggs variations, savoury croissants or eggs dishes on sourdough bread. Whenever available I go for the Eggs Benedict, so no exception here. Here it’s called ‘French Bread’. The egg comes on toasted bread with lots of fresh baby spinach, sauce Béarnaise, pink pepper and grapes. It does look enticing but the sauce was too salty. At least for me. My breakfast companion loved it though and didn’t need to pour additional salt on it.

Brotzeit Französisch @Stilbruch

In combination with the egg yolk it was okay, but still not perfect. Also since it is called sauce Béarnaise, I am sorry to remark that the tarragon was missing. It was just a regular sauce Hollandaise. The grapes didn’t do much for me, but the pink pepper was definitely an enhancement of the dish. That really tasted amazingly different in a good way. In my humble opinion with a second egg there would have been enough yolk to soak up the extra salt in the sauce. But anyway, that’s just me.

My friend ate the ‘Royal Eggs Florentine english’ on toast which was basically the same as mine except with extra salmon. When you study the menu though the dish should include hibiscus butter beside the salmon but no pink pepper. I didn’t taste the butter and I didn’t see it. So no, I don’t think the kitchen knows its menu by heart.

Royal Eggs Benedict English @Stilbruch

The scrambled eggs with mountain cheese (some intense cheese in any case) and bacon were fluffy and super tasty. No excess salt here.

scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon @Stilbruch

Really amazing was the service. When I sat down the waiter brought a carafe of water right away. Inside were mint leaves for a bit of flavor. I really appreciate this especially as some places are starting to charge for water. So good then to see other places which go the extra mile. Since Iceland I am even more pleased to have water on the table, especially since it’s perfectly fine tap water here in Austria.

Overall Stilbruch is definitely one of the more interesting breakfast places. The menu offers a large selection of various breakfast dishes until 5pm. So this is also something for late sleepers. So even though I was perfectly happy with my choice, there is quite a lot on the menu which I want to try.

I really do think you need a reservation. We had one and Stilbruch got fairly busy quite soon. Please take care: we ran into a similar problem like last time at Café Zehnsiebzig. The automatic payment wasn’t working. So always bring enough cash. Yours, Pollybert

Stilbruch Restaurant
1060 Wien, Gumpendorferstraße 16
Tel: +43 1 996 999 9
Wed-Fri & Mon: 11:00-22:00, Sat: 09:00-22:00, sun: 08:00-17:00

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