Watching the sun rise over the Borobudur temple

Most things are better when you see them early in the morning. The light is different and bathes everything a soft glow. No wonder that most of the tours in Yogyakarta started early. Maybe also because temperatures in the morning were still tolerable. This was my earliest pick-up so and at 3:30 I was still dead tired. So glad then that the drive takes about an hour during which you can still sleep.

Borobudur is the other big temple near Yogyakarta. Buddhist temple The sunrise tour of Borobudur consists of watching the sunrise from a hill opposite Borobudur. While it’s still dark you see an illuminated spot in the distance. Only later did I realize that this was the temple. But you can see for yourself. It was pretty dark while we were waiting for the sun to rise.

waiting for the sun to rise @Borobudur

Eventually the sun came up but then of course the temple was somewhere in the clouds. It did look pretty spectacular. See more here.

sunrise over Borobudur @Indonesia

After that it was back to the car and just a couple of minutes later we arrived at Borobudur temple. It’s actually better to buy a combined ticket for Borobudur and Prambanan if you are going to see both. It’s a bit cheaper.

Borobudur is the most breathtaking temple I have see so far. I like the setting of it. Surrounded by green on all sides. And in the morning it was especially pretty with haze still lingering between the trees. There were also just a few tourists which adds to the experience of it all. I am firm believer in no religion but walking around Borobudur made me almost want to believe in something. There is more to this temple than old stones.

first glimpse at Borobudur @Indonesia

As it turned out, this was a temple you discover while making lots of steps. According to Buddhist tradition you have to enter from the East Gate and circle it three times. I did the circling on top, getting there was already a challenge. So many steps.

Pollybert still smiling on the first steps @Borobudur

And the steps are steep as you can see here. That was not a walk in the park.

steep steps to the top @Borobudur

But once you made it to the top you are rewarded with an extraordinary view. And it only gets better once you start to circle the temple.

on top of Borobudur @Indonesia

Pollybert on top @Borobudur

I was enchanted, especially by this one Buddha who looked out of the stupa.

open stupa with Buddha @Borobudur

And there was a lot more to see on the way down. This is a really beautiful temple and I was very glad that I had enough time to explore it in the morning without hordes of other visitors. Getting up early for it was truly worth it. Yours, Pollybert

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