Relaxing on Gili Air

If you travel to Indonesia you also have to make time for the beach. When I prepared for my trip, this is what I have been told. Plus I got a tip on where to go. I wanted a nice beach and not so many tourists. In other words, something special. Turns out this something special is Gili islands.

The islands are located on the northwest side of Lombok, so basically between Bali and Lombok. This is also the way how to travel there. Fly out to any of these two islands and then take a boat. I opted for Bali because there were more flights available and then just had a bit of a longer commute to Gili Air.

Yes, this was my island of choice for three days. It’s the smallest one but also nearest to Lombok. So you do get some tourists and therefore you have enough restaurants and hotels. On how to decide which island is for you, read up here.

checking the speed boat’s progress @Gili islands

What can I say, Gili Air was a dream. On every corner you get offers for diving and snorkeling excursions, there was even a deep diving class available. And you know what I did? Nothing! I had decided to really not do anything this time. Just relax and read, look out to the sea and try to find my inner balance. There is really no better place to do that than here.

arriving on Gili Air @Indonesia

I booked my hotel smack dab in the middle of Gili Air. At Jago Gili Air Boutique Hotel there is no sea view. I decided on it because it had lovely reviews and the sea is in any direction 10 minutes on foot away. To walk around the whole island takes only about two hours. Not that I ever managed that.

Jago Gili Air Boutique Hotel @Indonesia

Every day I divided my time between the same restaurant at the beach and the hotel pool. Both places were equally quiet with almost no other tourists. The beach was great until mid-afternoon when the low tide started. Then it was time to pack up and move to the pool. Really I had no bigger problems than this during my stay on Gili Air.

my beach during the day @Gili Air

coffee and fresh lemon juice @Gili Air

low tide @Gili Air

where did the water go @Gili Air

My daily exercise was the walk to and from the beach and going for dinner. Really, a life I could get used to if it wouldn’t also mean that I get super lazy. On my last day I forgot my book in the hotel and I couldn’t be bothered to walk back to retrieve it. The deep relaxation had finally set in.

my daily walk to the beach @Gili Air

When it was time to say goodbye I swore to myself to get back here again. I love the quietness and that there are no cars on the island. That everything is within walking distance and choices are limited. Life is so easy on Gili Air that there was no room for stress. Yours, Pollybert

saying goodbye to Gili Air @Indonesia

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