A long weekend on Koh Tao

After my time in Indonesia I flew back to Bangkok for one more stop. Koh Tao was next on my list, one more island to go to and relax. This trip had turned in a beach vacation after all. Which was a real pleasure after so much sightseeing.

We flew out early to Koh Samui to reach the ferry before noon and arrived on Koh Tao around 2pm. The pier was busy and it took a while to realize where our transport waited but eventually we figured it out and were on our way. The View Point Resort was our home for the next couple of days and I couldn’t wait to relax some more.

Koh Tao is actually well-known for its diving places of tropical coral reefs where you can see some kinds of sharks and rays. But, since I never got around to get my diving license, we decided to just hit the beach. In the end we only had a long weekend and wanted to relax some more. The beach next to the hotel though was more like a small cove and looked really inviting. Except that it was hard to walk into the water due the stony underground.

the beach next to the View Point Resort @Koh Tao

So I took a look around from above to find out what else there was on our side of the island. As you can see here, it looks gorgeous but with a rocky beach around the hotel. There was a beach a bit further way but we were not convinced that the walk-in was going to be sandy.

the sea next to the View Point Resort @Koh Tao

There are of course a lot of other sandy beaches around the island which you frequent if you are so inclined. But we were not. In the end we stayed at the hotel pool for the next couple of days. And you know what? It was the best decision ever. We had the pool to ourselves, there was no one around for hours on end and we could read and sleep without anyone disturbing us. Best was the time we had for our photo sessions in the pool to get a bikini shot. I am not sure if we hit it, but I am happy with it. What more can I ask for? Yours, Pollybert

amazing pool just for us @Koh Tao

bikini photo session in the pool @Koh Tao

perfect travel buddy @Koh Tao

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