More impressions of Indonesia and Thailand

When traveling for two weeks there a lot of stories to tell. And all these stories and then some have been told. So in the end when I look at the pictures which remain I always wonder what to do with them. Because some of them tell their own stories and don’t need any text. So here are my impressions from Indonesia and Thailand which didn’t make it in any other story. Yours, Pollybert

bathroom manners explained @Bali

In Bangkok you can get everything to eat, including excellent Mexican food at “The Missing Burro“. This restaurant in a side alley convinces with really good food and a lovely garden.

Mexican restaurant @Bangkok

somewhere in the Water Palace @Yogyakarta

There was a durian festival in the mall where we had breakfast. And I couldn’t resist taking this snap shot. Everyone is on the phone while waiting his turn. Isn’t that amazing what we have come to?

Durian festival in a mall @Bangkok

Sonobudoyo Museum @Yogyakarta

a mask in the Royal Palace @Yogyakarta

Pollybert at the Merapi Jeep Lava tour @Yogyakarta

graffiti @Yogyakarta

some god is looking down @Prambanan temple

sunrise over Borobudur temple @Yogyakarta

wall decoration @Gili Air

the beach of Gili Air @Indonesia

proof that unicorns exist @Koh Tao

looking up @Koh Tao

swingers are welcome @Koh Tao

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