Dear Mrs Bird by AJ Pearce: The story about two friends, Bunty and Emmy, during The Blitz in London. It’s not so much about this awful time in WWII but about the friendship of these two girls. How they manage blackouts, bombing, love troubles and the worst of luck. It’s not a love story, there is just a hint of it, but a story women being there for one another. Isn’z friendship the most beautiful thing in the world? Whatever happens, your friends are there for you.


Me Before You by JoJo Moyes: Honestly, I have no idea why I started with this book again. But on a recent Sunday I sat at home, checking my books on my notebook and came across this one. I had read it years ago and also saw the movie. And both times was I crying so hard that I needed to clean my lenses after because I couldn’t see anymore. But still, when I saw it before me, I wanted to read it and kept at it all afternoon. In the end I finished it in two days and was crying again like the first time.


Don’t You Forget About Me by Mhairi McFarlane: I love this author and each one of her books. The newest one is again an example on how to write a lovely and thoughtful story. It’s always easy for us to judge someone especially if you think you have all the facts. But what if the truth looks totally different? I was actually disappointed when Georgina and Lucas got their happy-end because I would have enjoyed it immensely to go on reading.


Miss Olivia und der Geschmack von Gin by Catherine Miller: This book definitely seduced me to mix myself a Gin&Tonic more often. The story is about Olivia who moves into a retirement home. In the process her son and the “housemother” of the care home force her to give up everything which she holds dear. It’s heartbreaking. And makes one think how that works in the real world. How much independence is left once you leave your home?

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