Kikko Bā (pop-up)

New restaurants in Vienna are always exciting, even more so when the team from Mochi tries its hand on something different. Kikko Bā is a rather small place, which takes no reservations. Since the restaurant is planned as a pop-up, I don’t have to wonder how this will be managed in winter. Please plan in a bit of waiting time, the place is packed.

Because the place is divine it is probably worth any amount of waiting time. On a recent summer evening I met a friend there and we did our best to eat our way through the menu. We started with white kimchi, which tastes exactly like sauerkraut. Very refreshing.

white kimchi @Kikko Bā

As you can see, we drank some rosé. Kikko Bā has great choice of local and international wines. The list of these as well as the dishes is changing constantly. Next up was bing bread (I had no idea what to expect) with humus, a recommendation of the waiter. The bread was soo good and I would have loved to just stuff my face with it all evening long. But alas, there were other things waiting. The humus btw is very creamy and more on the liquid side then any other I had so far. It goes perfectly with the bread and tastes light and smooth.

bing bread with humus @Kikko Bā

The kohlrabi (cabbage turnip) salad with king crab was another winner. We fell on it and it vanished in record time. So delicious as well and the perfect snack for a warm evening.

kohlrabi salad with king crab @Kikko Bā

The veal tartare with green beans was good as well but was overall the only dish that was not outstanding. Still a winner but the least remarkable one.

veal tartare with green beans @Kikko Bā

Probably my favorite dish is the next and unfortunately I don’t have a picture. Apparently we ripped right into it and ate it all. It was a sandwich filled with a deep fried portobello mushroom, bbq sauce and chimichurri cabbage. This was absolutely delicious and I really hope it’s still available when I return.

But also the last course for us on this evening was fantastic. The clams (which were actually small mussels) cooked in dobin mushi (a seafood broth) and salsa verde were the perfect closing of a meal. We washed them down with sake and then happily made room for other diners.

mussels with salsa verde @Kikko Bā

Overall this one of the best dinner’s I had in a long time and it wasn’t only the company. The food was delicious, the service attentive and even though lots of people waited they didn’t rush us. Definitely have to return as soon as possible. Yours, Pollybert

Kikko Bā
1040 Wien, Schleifmühgasse 8
no reservations
drinks: Tue-Sat 17.00–23.30
food: Tue-Sat17.30-22.30

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