Kanapa restaurant

There were a couple advantages to our hotel.The biggest one was probably the proximity to Kanapa restaurant. It’s basically right across the street. On the first evening we practically fell in, but got hooked right away. This Ukrainian restaurant serves seriously good food. After our first evening we returned twice more. And I am not ashamed to say that a reservation across town was food wise not worth it. Kanapa totally convinced us with everything they served. So here is everything from our three visits.

Herring fillet with onion sponge cake, fresh cucumber, marinated red onion and sunflower oil sauce @Kanapa

Two kinds of liver, the left one was goose marinated in white wine and served with a golden bun, the right was a paté made of guinea fowl and pheasant liver @Kanapa

top to bottom: new beets with walnuts, roasted duck salad, chopped beef @Kanapa

salad with local mushrooms, hazelnut and black garlic sauce @Kanapa

varenyky with fried cabbage on the left, and potato and mushrooms filling on the right@Kanapa

veal ribs with blueberry sauce made on sherry with mashed green peas @Kanapa

varenyky with seasonal berries @Kanapa

Service was from efficient to wonderful, depending on the server. In any case it was quick and attentive. This is not a cheap place especially when you compare it to other places in Kyiv. But compared to Western European restaurants, it’s a steal. Definitely a place to wholeheartedly recommend. Yours, Pollybert


Kanapa restaurant
01025 Kyiv, Andriivskyi descent 19A
Tel: +38 068 044 3050
Email: manager@kanapa-restaurant.kiev.ua
Daily: 10:00 – 24:00

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