The Dnipro river – strolling along and going on a cruise

The Dnipro river reminds me of the Danube in Vienna. It divides the city in two parts. And we stayed mostly on one side in Kyiv (same goes for Vienna). To get down to the river from the old town is fairly easy. You can either walk, and get lost doing so, or you pay for the funicular and exit in front of the river Dnipro.

the funicular down to the Dnipro river @Kyiv

Once at the water I felt enchanted by the holiday like atmosphere and the many people. Most of them locals who used the Sunday as well to spend it at the water. There are a couple of restaurants, Shisha bars and food stalls right next to each other. You only need to choose where you want to look out on the water.

down by the river Dnipro @Kyiv

enjoying the view on the river Dnipro @Kyiv

But of course once you pass a stall with little Black Sea shrimps you might just want to sit down and eat these. No matter the view. And it’s also possible that after the shrimps you go back for some mussels despite not being hungry anymore. The sea air is always good for the appetite and I am sure that the river air has the same qualities. I mean just look at it.

Black Sea shrimps @Kyiv

the river Dnipro @Kyiv

To get a better feeling of the enormity of the river and the city of Kyiv you need to go on a cruise. Best bring your own drinks for the trip. Three reasons specifically: more variety, cheaper prices offshore and above all, no line up. Also, you will feel like a local. Because they come on these cruises as well. I find this quite fun that it’s not only something for tourists.

You will pass all the main attractions which are visible from the river, including the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra also know as Kyiv Monastery of the Caves. It looks almost like a city when you pass it. That’s how big it is.

Kyiv Pechersk Lavra @Kyiv

Just a bit further the Soviets left their mark, the Motherland Monument. Quite ugly in comparison but that can’t be helped. They probably leave it as a reminder that they are finally rid of them.

The Motherland Monument @Kyiv

We arrived back at the pier just in time for the sunset. The atmosphere was even more laid back at this time and there were still lots of people about. Although it was already quite late on this Sunday evening. Yours, Pollybert

sunset at the pier @Kyiv

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