Grace Restaurant

Grace is such a soft and elegant word which transports exactly the quality of this restaurant by the same name.

Everything I heard about this place sounded exceptional. There are dining rooms, both of them rather samll which doesn’t help with the noise level. I found it a bit difficult to talk the people on the other hand of the table. Later it was only four of us. With most of the other guests gone and the conversation was easy to follow.

dining room @Grace

I love ordering a set menu. With limited choices I am not overwhelmed by them. The menu in Grace is short and manageable. No matter though if you decide on the set courses or order á la carte, you will find enough to eat.

We started the menu with an amuse guele. This was a cheddar waffle with salsa verde and chive sauce. Absolutely delicious and who doesn’t like waffles. I really liked the savory version of this breakfast dish.

cheddar waffles with two sauces @Grace

The starters were either green asparagus with almonds, loquat and verbena or white carrots with hazelnuts, buttermilk and thyme. I went for the asparagus because I couldn’t imagine any white carrots. The asparagus lay on a bed of almond cream or so. Not really sure where the color came from. I do know though that it tasted overwhelmingly good. Already a flavor explosion was going on.

asparagus starter with almonds @Grace

The second starter looked indeed like white carrots or any kind of white root vegetable. The little tartlet was beautiful to look at and tasted heavenly once you reached the hazelnuts in the middle of it.

white carrot starter @Grace

From there we moved on to the intermediate course which was fish or seafood. I opted this time for the fish and felt I made the better choice. The char came with spring cabbage, sesame and aubergine. The cabbage underneath the sizeable piece of fish was absolutely deliciousc in combination with the aubergine cream!

char with spring cabbage and aubergine @Grace

The course was mussels with artichoke, celeriac, and basil. The mussels hid well and I thought at first we had been scammed. But this was not the case. A sizeable portion of small mussels hid underneath slices of celeriac. To me tasted okay but I was glad that I had ordered the char.

hidden mussels @Grace

mussels underneath celeriac @Grace

The main courses were either lamb or rabbit. Since the rabbit came with white asparagus I ordered the lamb (also, who wants to eat a bunny before Easter?). The green asparagus from the first course was enough of this vegetable for a day. The lamb arrived with peas, parsnip and peanuts and was so, so good! I loved the crunch of the peanuts mixed with the sweetness of the peas.

lamb with peas and peanuts @Grace

The rabbit had next to the white aspargus also potatoes and olives on the side. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of it, the only rabbits which were ordered were at the end of the table.

Another amuse guele from the kitchen arrived. This time in form of innards from the lamb. For non-innards eaters a different snack was prepared. All of it arrived on top of mashed peas. The fried phylo was vegetarian I think. For the innards it was exactly the right size since I am usually not such a fan.

innards amuse guele @Grace

We ended the dinner with a meringue and rhubarb. Only one of us opted for the kiwi dessert, so unfortunately again I have not picture. The dessert was good but for this alone I wouldn’t come back.

meringue with rhubarb and violet @Grace

What I would come back for alone was the petite four which was served with the coffee. The bite-sized Bienenstich was to die for. The accompanying honey comb chocolate combination was good but in case of dental prosthesis you have to be really careful.

petite four @Grace

cooking here is really done on a higher level and each dish which came out of this kitchen was a marvelous surprise. Definitely worth a visit again. Yours, Pollybert

Grace Restaurant
1040 Wien, Danhausergasse 3
Tel: +43 1 503 10 22
Tue–Fri: from 18.30, Sat: 12.00–15.00, and from 18.30

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