Breakfast at Ferrari Caffè

Going for breakfast at Ferrari Caffè sounded at first like a good plan but turned out to be not very tasty. In the end, have you ever heard about a good Italian breakfast? Ferrari Caffè is no exception. Basically if you go there you should stick with the usual. Which is coffee and a cornetto (the Italian version of a croissant).

The restaurant itself looks very inviting, spacy and the seating looks comfortable at first. Why the tables then are so small I don’t understand and also some chairs with a back would be nice. In the end it was difficult to fit all our breakfast items on one table.

dining room @Ferrari Caffè

So we did you a favor and tried some of the breakfast variations. In my opinion you can skip that but take a look. My friend ordered the “Inglese” or English breakfast. And while it assembles every an English breakfast needs on one plate, I was still glad that I was not the one who ordered it. The overall look was just unappetizing. The bacon not cross enough and the egg looks lost between the sausages and the beans. My friend mentioned the bread underneath the bacon though, which was apparently quite tasty. Overall he was not impressed though.

Breakfast Inglese @Ferrari Caffè

My choice was the “Viennese” breakfast which comes with, ham, cheese, a soft boiled egg and freshly squeezd orange juice. The plate on which the ham and cheese were served must have come right out of the dish washer because it was super hot. Maybe to soften the butter, which started to pool immediately. My breakfast version was okay, if not intersting in any way. The egg by the way was very small. Where do you get eggs of this size anyway? At the farm for tiny chickens?

Breakfast Viennese @Ferrari Caffè

I am mentioning the egg because I have noticed that more and more restaurants don’t have a salt shakers anymore but instead a salt mill. This is all very nice but the mill usually grinds out way bigger grains. First of all the egg then tastes most of the times too salty. And when you have a smaller sized egg in front of you, most of the salt from the mill ends up around the egg. Just something to think about.

The service was friendly if not really attentive. Serving the egg but then not bringing any salt is a no-go. Also the water served with the excellent coffee came in a thimble-sized version of a glass, which is of course the Italian way. I have noticed a trend though in Vienna that more and more places serve a jug of water right away. Not that there was place for any jug on the table. Nevermind, Ferrari Caffè is more interesting for an afternoon coffee anyway. Yours, Pollybert

Ferrari Caffè
1010 Wien, Annagasse 3
Tel: +43 1 5122786
Mon-Fri: 08:00-20:00, Sat-Sun: 09:00-20:00

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