More impressions of Rovinj and Valle d’Istria

I only went to Rovinj for a weekend. And even though it was only for a short time, the town has left an impression upon me. During the hot summer month the narrow streets and high buildings produced a lot of shade while keeping the houses cool inside. So clever to build in such a way. With the climate change upon us, we might have to start thinking about building in the exact same way. At least when it comes to new building areas. I don’t think Vienna will be razed and then rebuilt. In the end though it’s really interesting to see how the south has always coped with the heat and what measures they implemented.

Anyway, these pictures didn’t fit the posts before. But I didn’t want to delete them. The look so pretty. Especially the ones from Rovinj with the laundry. I am sure in a couple of hours everything is dry and you can take it down again. The town is also full of cobbled streets and stairs. There are basically stairs everywhere. No wonder there is no motor traffic in the old town. On the other hand you get a good workout exploring Rovinj.

We also drove to Valle d’Istria for a little shopping trip. This little town has oil mills and a couple of olive oil producers with excellent products. Upon tasting the different oils I finally realized that there is more to it then what is sold in the supermarket. Wow, some of these had quite a punch. So don’t miss out on this detour when you are in Rovinj. Yours, Pollybert

stairs leading up to the entrance door and look at the interesting draping of the cable @Rovinj

the archway has seen better times @Rovinj

everyone wants to dine with a sea view @Rovinj

a not so secret bar @Rovinj

narrow alley with lots of stairs @Rovinj

even bed linens find their way outside @Rovinj

the upper window could be in a church as well @Rovinj

more laundry but this time in color @Rovinj

this looks a bit Roman @Valle d’Istria

stark buildings @Valle d’Istria

stairs and more stairs @Rovinj

sometimes a cat just wants to relax @Rovinj

I like the small annex on top @Rovinj

laundry again watched over by a statue @Rovinj

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