A weekend in Rovinj

Rovinj is only a couple of hours drive away from Vienna and therefore an excellent location for a long weekend. Weird then that I have never been there before. But everything happens eventually and this summer I managed a trip to Rovinj with friends. These are the same people I usually go to Tuscany with.

We Rovinj planned as relaxation weekend and not so much as a sightseeing trip. In the end though you cannot go to some place new and not see a lot. Instead of getting a hotel room I rented an AirBnB for the weekend. There are a lot available and it’s way more frugal. Also the old town is really old and you can get an impression on how people lived here. The alleys are narrow and the houses are built very close to each other to create a lot of shade. The buildings have also thick walls and small windows so that the inside stays cool as well, no matter the temperature outside.

inside the old town @Rovinj

The old town of Rovinj has a clear definition since it lies on a peninsula. There is basically no motor traffic except for deliveries, everybody else just walks. Which is fantastic because you don’t have to watch out for cars but rather look at the amazing streets. And basically that’s what I did the first day. Just getting lost within the old town or looking out onto the sea.

surrounded by the sea@Rovinj

narrow streets @Rovinj

the port @Rovinj

a staircase in the old town @Rovinj

I liked the town best in the morning while it was still empty, before all the tourists. The party people were still asleep and the day tourists had not yet arrived. The streets appeared empty and quiet and only sometimes I saw a local. I used this time to go for a run and had the city all to myself.

the old town in the morning light @Rovinj

still quiet streets @Rovinj

all shutters closed @Rovinj

the laundry is already out @Rovinj

There are a couple of spots where you can swim in the old town. If you are not happy with the rocky underground, just walk to the other side of the peninsula. There you can find from luxury resorts to simple lawn spots everything. It’s up to you how much you want to spend for a day in the sun.  Yours, Pollybert

one of the many spots for swimming @Rovinj

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