Café Restaurant Leto

I have noticed the Café Restaurant Leto already for a while. Probably because it lies on my way home when I feel like walking. So on a recent evening I lured the book club to this restaurant with the promise of a separate room. Unfortunately the room had been double booked and we got the short end. The restaurant though more than made up for it.

Only one person ordered a starter which was a vegetable soup. The soup tasted rich in vegetables without the added calories of cream. It also had a hint of spice in the back.

vegetable soup @Café Restaurant Leto

Three of us went for the sweet potato avocado salad. I love this combination especially when pomegranate seeds are involved as well. The portion was more than filling, the sweet potatoes disappointed me though. I would have loved them to be warm or at least a bit crunchy. Like this they tasted bland and boring.

sweet potato salad with avocado @Café Restaurant Leto

The spaghetti with shrimps fared a lot better. They tasted sooo good that my friend wanted to order another portion right away. Have never heard of anything like this.

spaghetti with shrimps @Café Restaurant Leto

In the end she chose mussels in white wine sauce which were also lovely.

mussels in white wine sauce @Café Restaurant Leto

Unfortunately someone else finished the grilled calamari (I quite like it when food gets eaten), so the choice fell on octopus. It was a winner nonetheless.

grilled octopus @Café Restaurant Leto

The vegetarian eggplant ragout with feta cheese was tasty and much appreciated. Overall except for the bland sweet potatoes there was no one complaining.

eggplant ragout @Café Restaurant Leto

The service people were definitely trying their utmost to make us happy and they succeeded. We had a very pleasant event. Looking at the pictures now though I really think they have to work on their lighting. All in all Café Restaurant Leto was a pleasant surprise. Yours, Pollybert

Café Restaurant Leto
1010 Wien, Schwertgasse 3
Tel: +43 1 9926189
Mon-Sun: 11:30-24:00

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