Breakfast at Naschmarkt Deli

For a while, I spent very Saturday morning without fail at Deli am Naschmarkt. This long standing eatery at the Naschmarkt has always been my favorite. The atmosphere at the market combined with the music coming from the restaurant makes for a perfect start into the weekend.

good morning espresso @Deli

Usually I will just have an espresso for breakfast and leave the ordering of food to my friend. From time to time though I will get breakfast myself especially after a long night. These are our favorites.

A mix of potatoes and vegetables are inside the omelette. It is fluffy and comes in a generous size considering you get additionally a small salad and a bit of tzatziki. The combination of eggs and potatoes is filling as well as the perfect restoration food after a long evening. A basket with Turkish bread rounds up the salty side of this breakfast. A small slice of water melon leaves you wanting for more.

potato omelette @Deli

My favorite breakfast by far is the Turkish breakfast (not that I have ever seen that in Turkey). It come with a fried egg, cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, olives and a Cigarette Borek. The flaky filo dough filled cheese is absolutely yummy in the morning. This breakfast combination comes with your choice of tea or coffee, as well as bread, butter, and honey. Nothing better after a salty breakfast to have a bite of something sweet.

Turkish breakfast @Deli

As much as I like the Deli am Naschmarkt, the service is erratic. Once my friend ordered his usual potato omelette only to get just a regular one. Upon remarking on that to the waitress, he was told that his omelette went to another customer and this was what was now left for him. When he insisted on his ordered potato omelette (how impudent), they took the plate away, fried a couple of potatoes and just put them on the meanwhile cold omelette. This is only one example of many of service gone haywire.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like the Deli. I find it has by far the best atmosphere and vibe at the market. It’s just that the service could be a lot better, especially from the management. Not they care though, the place will always be busy with tourists and locals alike. Yours, Pollybert

Naschmarkt Deli
1040 Wien, Naschmarkt Stand 421–436
Tel: +43 1 5850823
Mon-Sat: 07:00-24:00

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