Superfan (Brooklyn Bruisers Book 6) by Sarina Bowen: It is the last book in the series of the Brooklyn Bruisers and I am really sorry to let them go. I had such a marvelous time with them. Almost read nothing else in the last three weeks besides Sarina Bowen and her stories. So unfortunately this one was the weakest of them all. Although really funny at times, it had some lengths here and there. And that while it was the shortest of them all. So in the end I am happy that I the series doesn’t end on a high note. It makes saying goodbye so much easier.


Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella: It has been a while that a read from Sophie Kinsella and usually I enjoy her fluffy style. This one though was rather a drudgery. In the end I muddled through and was happy that the book was done. It had some redeeming qualities but overall the story of a marriage in need of surprises was boring. Really have to learn to put books away when I dislike them. Not sure why I cannot manage that.


The Absolutist by John Boyne: the story of Tristan moved me. How lonely must it be to carry a secret within you, a shame you can’t speak about. The trenches in WWI are vividly brought to life and the horrors of living in mud and the constant danger are permanently on your mind while reading the book. I’m glad that at least the last couple of pages brought some humor into the story. In the end though you just want to scream at his wasted life.


Bluebirds by Margaret Mayhew: I absolutely loved this book! It kept me from watching TV and instead I sat on my couch and read. How I have longed to find a book that really makes you live through all the ups and downs of its characters. The women in WWII who worked in the WAAF were marvelous and pioneers to women all over the world. They showed that we stay strong under any circumstance and hold our own. Definitely a must-read!

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