Pärnu Kalamajaka Kohvik

Like most restaurants in Estonia Pärnu Kalamajaka Kohvik has a relaxed vibe. The place looks more like a cozy coffee shop than a restaurant with emphasis on fish and seafood. Nevertheless this is its specialty. So after my lunch in the center and a long walk on the beach I was ready for some seafood in the evening.

Unfortunately the Chablis is not available by glass, so I go with a Pinot Grigio with the oysters. And yes, you read that correctly. I was ordering oysters again after my meal in Kuressaare. Somehow I got the taste for it.

The four juicy oysters come opened but covered with the shell on a bed of ice. Accompanied with lemon slices, vinegar and some chili sauce this makes an awesome starter. Too bad that the waitress serves them at the same time as the main dish. Maybe Pärnu is a little too relaxed after all. The Irish Fines oysters are delicious nonetheless and with a splash of lemon as well a the vinegar a pure bliss. The perfect beginning for a meal.

oysters on ice @Pärnu Kalamajaka Kohvik

My main course is pike perch (again) which is nicely roasted and comes with creamy fennel, and potatoes and other roots chips. Not sure about the chips but the fish is juicy, well seasoned and the fennel goes well with it. Overall a great hit.

pike perch with fennel and chips @Pärnu Kalamajaka Kohvik

At the end of the day the restaurant has run out of most of the desserts and neither the vegan chocolate cake nor the pistachio ice cream with goat cheese are intriguing. At least to me. In the end I decide that it’s probably better to save a couple of calories for the next day. Pärnu Kalamajako Kohvik though has exciting food and really spoils you with amazing quality. Prices are fair and more in line with the coffeehouse style. Yours, Pollybert

Pärnu Kalamajaka Kohvik
80018 Pärnu, Suur-Sepa 18
Tel: +37 2 568 54800
Email: kohvik@kalamajakas.ee
Sun–Thu: 10:00-22:00, Fri–Sat: 10:00-23:00 (shorter opening times in off-season)

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