The doors of Estonia

The doors of Estonia surprised me in a good way. They are mostly all wooden doors and very colorful. Rarely simple brown doors here. These are rather doors in more than one color with graphic design and other features. So beautiful and diverse. I like that there is clearly a difference to the doors of Riga for example. Although Tallinn is a city in another Baltic state, the doors show a marked distinction.

Please note that to some of the doors lead steps. So the house is built on a pedestal? Not really sure what it means. Also some have individual roofs, while others have amazing portals which rather belong to a church than to a house. So I might have gone overboard with the pictures here. In any case, please enjoy these beauties from all over Estonia (at least from the part where I was). Here are my doors of Estonia. Yours, Pollybert

check out the door within the door @Tallinn

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