What I learned in Prague

Only two days in Prague and still I have the feeling that I learned something there. The city is only four hours away from Vienna, an old neighbour basically and part of the former Austrian Empire. This is still visible that these two cities were in fact sister cities for a long time. The architecture looks similar but also better. I don’t know why. Maybe Prague was not so destroyed after WWII or maybe they just didn’t have the money to pull these houses down and replace them with new ones. Anyway, this is what I learned during my short visit to Prague. Yours, Pollybert

1.) People in Prague read a lot. There are book shops everywhere and the shops were full. I also saw this sculpture which is further proof that the people of Prague are book lovers.

‘Reader in an Armchair’ @Prague

2.) Interestingly enough, besides a lot of book shops, Prague has also a lot of candy stores. And all of them present their wares on top of barrels. Not sure what’s behind this, but there you go.

3.) But best of all the stores were the souvenir stores which sold besides small trinkets also alcohol. Can someone explain to me what’s so special about alcohol that it has to be sold together with souvenirs?

souvenirs and alcohol go well together @Prague

4.) Hot chocolate is more like the one in Spain. Thick and syrupy. Which makes it more like a meal, especially when you order it with cake. Like here at the Choco Café. Or at Elvira.

hot chocolate and cake @Choco Café

Elvira Café @Prague

5.) Sometimes it’s nice to splurge for a better hotel, especially when it is winter and cold and the room comes with a bathtub.

6.) Traveling by train is totally relaxing and comes with the added benefit of a clear environmental conscience.

7.) Hotel food, even when it is in a separate restaurant is never a good option for dinner. No matter what the time.

8.) Prague looks better than Vienna.

9.) A lot of houses have busts or other sculptures on the facades. A couple of them are from the Czech Republic Army with their motto ‘Verni Zustaneme’ which means ‘We remain Faithful’.

the motto of the Czech Republic Army @Prague

a bust on a house facade @Prague

10.) The Christmas market is not fun in the rain.

Christmas market in the rain @Prague

11.) I need a better camera for night pictures.

12.) The Czech version of sandwiches is fun. There is so much happening on this little slice of white bread, it’s amazing. You can try these at the Sisters Bistro.

sandwiches @Sisters Bistro

12.) It is fun to re-visit a city and just focus on one area. There is so much to discover; usually with one visit you only get an impression. But when you come back, you are already familiar with the layout and have time to really enjoy the place instead of looking for your way.

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